SNAP – Home Security in a light globe is just around the corner

SNAP – Home Security in a light globe is just around the corner

We know a lot of you have been patiently waiting (and some, not so patiently) so it’s very exciting to be able to announce that our SNAP Security Light Globe is making it’s way to Australia as we speak – and will be available just after Christmas.

Which as some of you surely know is just 4 weeks away.  Eeeek.

For those who haven’t heard about SNAP yet – here’s what CNET had to say about it…

CNET: Sengled SNAP puts a camera in an LED bulb

SNAP also won a CES Award at the start of this year in Las Vegas.

Of course we also have plenty to say about it…


In Short:

SNAP: LED Light globe, that simply twists in to replace your existing floodlight

  • Complete with a motion detector for the light
  • Infra-red and Normal light camera for security
  • Recording up to the cloud
  • Facial Recognition software – SNAP will text you if it recognises the person approaching your house
  • Microphone – SNAP will recognise the sound of breaking glass and more and text alert you something might be wrong
  • Speaker – you can talk through your light globe to someone on your property
  • WiFi Connected for access anywhere in the world.
  • High output energy efficient light

We’ll have heaps more to share with you over the coming weeks, including pre-purchase  so you can get your hands on SNAP as soon as it lands.

The Light Globe is about to change forever – again!