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Partnered with the world’s largest LED manufacturer – Sengled

Machtig LED is partnered with the world’s largest LED manufacturer, Sengled. Sengled Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a global innovator that brings bright new ideas to the lighting industry. Based in Shanghai with operations in Europe and North America, Sengled integrates consumer electronics with energy-saving LED lighting, creating products to that reduce clutter and expand smart home capabilities to every room. Sengled is the global leader in intelligent illumination, producing a full range of app-controlled, intuitive, eco-friendly products.

With a strong focus on the daily lives of people, Sengled is dedicated to the idea that the light bulb can be continuously reinvented to make life better. Sengled constantly innovates; the company currently holds nearly 200 patents and has more than 10 years of experience in the LED illumination research, development and manufacturing sector.  Find out more about Sengled here:


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Providing global reach and world-class manufacturing processes

Large Scale Production Capacity

Our massive 220,000 sqm LED manufacturing space is equipped with a state-of-the-art production capability to innovate, produce, and test a suite of lighting products for a broad of industry sectors, on a global scale. We have the capability to produce over 200 million LED pieces every year, and are forecasting to increase this production capacity to over 400 million units by the end of 2015.


High Speed Automation Line

Our world-leading High Speed Automation facility allows us to produce over 1,200 LED pieces every hour. Which is twice the capacity of a manually operated facility using three times as much labour. This unique capability provides Machtig LED with an increased level of productivity of over 20%, reduced labour intensity, and a fixed-step operation process to maximise quality output at all times.


Quality Assurance and Testing Facilities

Machtig LED provide 100% electrical and optical testing across multiple ageing lines with options to expand across future production lines where required. We test a diverse range of items including; power, voltage, current, lumen output, and colour temperature. Additionally our MES System provides for live monitoring of unit production status which insures immediate response to quality control at all times.

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